Mayo Clinic doctors and other staff trained in sleep disorders evaluate and treat adults in the Sleep Disorders Center at Mayo Clinic in Florida. The Sleep Disorders Center is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Mayo Clinic doctors trained in lung and breathing conditions (pulmonologists), mental health conditions (psychiatrists), brain and nervous system conditions (neurologists), and others staff the center.

Doctors have expertise and experience treating people with sleep disorders. Mayo Clinic doctors in the Sleep Disorders Center may work as a team with doctors trained in ear, nose and throat conditions (otolaryngologists), doctors trained in heart disease (cardiologists), registered sleep technologists, and others to evaluate and treat your condition.

The Sleep Disorders Center is located in a 10,000-square-foot facility at 4634 Worrall Way, at the west end of the Mayo Clinic campus in Jacksonville. The center offers convenient parking.

The Sleep Disorders Center is open for sleep studies Sunday evening through Thursday evening, and for daytime evaluations Monday through Friday.

The center has eight beds for people having overnight sleep studies (polysomnograms). Rooms have a comfortable, homelike feel. Technicians monitor sleep exams in all of the rooms from a central monitoring area.

You may also have other tests to evaluate your sleep condition in the Sleep Disorders Center. Doctors will usually examine your test results and develop your treatment plan the day after your overnight study.

Jan. 24, 2014