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Patient stories

Guts to Glory

Sam and Laura Kirstein first met in college where they both were runners on the school's athletic teams. They had one other thing in common: both had been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Sam had ulcerative colitis; Laura had Crohn's disease. And for both, IBD soon halted their active lifestyles. As their symptoms worsened, [...]

  • Advanced techniques. Mayo Clinic surgeons use a minimally invasive approach for most J-pouch surgery, which usually means smaller incisions and faster recovery than does traditional open surgery. This may include laparoscopy, robotics, or transanal approaches.
  • Positive results. At Mayo Clinic, more than 90 percent of J-pouch surgeries have a successful outcome.
  • Follow-up care. Mayo specialists work together to control pain and prevent complications after your surgery.
  • Research leader. Mayo specialists are at the forefront of new techniques and procedures to ensure surgical success and prevent infection. You have access to the expertise of Mayo clinician-researchers.
March 03, 2015