Payment options

You're responsible for payment of your hospital and clinic accounts. Please make financial arrangements for paying your account at the Admissions and Business Services desk that is most convenient when your visit is complete.

For your convenience, Mayo Clinic offers several payment options:

  • Discover, MasterCard, American Express, and Visa credit or debit cards. Contact Patient Account Services at 800-660-4582 (toll-free) to make payment.
  • Cash, cashier's check or money order.
  • Wire transfers. Call Patient Account Services at 800-660-4582 (toll-free) for wire transfer instructions.
  • Online services. Patients may log in to use Mayo Clinic Patient Online Services, including online bill payment.
  • myEasyMatch code. Patients may use the unique myEasyMatch code listed at the top of any printed monthly statement to make a payment online without logging in to Mayo Clinic Patient Online Services.