What to expect as a new patient

At Mayo Clinic's campus in Arizona, you may receive services at the main clinic facility in Scottsdale, on campus in Phoenix (including the Mayo Clinic Specialty Building and Mayo Clinic Hospital), at Mayo Clinic Family Medicine-Thunderbird in Scottsdale, or at Mayo Clinic Family Medicine-Arrowhead in Glendale.

All new Mayo Clinic patients will be interviewed by phone or registered on the day of their first appointment. You also may be encouraged to register using Mayo Clinic Online Services. At the time of your appointment check-in, you'll be asked to provide your insurance card and photo identification. You'll be assigned a:

  • Mayo Clinic number. This is your personal identification number. It's unique, and it will be your Mayo Clinic number for life.
  • Billing account number. Your Mayo Clinic number also will be your billing account number if you're the person financially responsible for services provided (guarantor). The billing account number identifies to whom and where to send the monthly billing statement.

Each episode of care has a visit number, and this number is attached to the end of the Mayo Clinic number. This number is used to track services and payments. In some cases, there may be multiple visit numbers associated with the same episode of care.

Itemized statement of charges

After you receive care, Mayo Clinic will send you an itemized statement of charges. View sample itemized statement (PDF). This document isn't a bill. It will provide detailed visit billing information that won't appear on the monthly statement of account. Please retain this information for your records.

The itemized statement of charges includes the following information:

  • Itemized list of charges for services at one of Mayo Clinic's facilities
  • Identification of and information concerning your insurance company, if applicable

You may see more than one charge for one office visit. This happens because the routine and preventive portion of the visit must be billed separately from the nonroutine and nonpreventive portion.

In some cases, you may receive multiple itemized statements associated with the same visit. You'll receive a separate itemized statement for each facility participating in your care. For example, laboratory and radiology services at the primary care sites may be processed at another facility.

Monthly statement of account

The monthly statement of account will look different from the itemized statement of charges. This is your bill. View sample monthly statement of account (PDF). The billing account number on the statement is the Mayo Clinic number of the person assigned to receive the bill. The billing addressee (guarantor) is the person designated to receive the monthly billing statement listing all patients and visits for which he or she is financially responsible. The itemized statement of charges you receive after each visit will clarify the new charges listed on the monthly statement of account.

The monthly statement of account has these important features:

  • Account Activity. This is the summary of new charges and detail of payments and adjustments made on each visit since the previous monthly statement.
  • Insurance Claims Pending. This is a summary of the amount under consideration by your insurance company.
  • Current Amount Due. This is your total balance minus any amount listed in the Insurance Claims Pending due for services provided at Mayo Clinic's campus in Arizona.

Requesting an itemized hospital bill for Mayo Clinic Hospital

Extensive, specific details of hospital services won't be listed on Mayo Clinic's itemized statement of charges or the monthly statement of account. You can request a complete, itemized hospital bill by calling Patient Account Services at 480-301-7033. You may call 800-603-0558 (toll-free) if you're located outside the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Patient information and Mayo Clinic authorization and service terms

The Mayo Clinic authorization and service terms form authorizes Mayo Clinic to release information to:

  • Your insurance company
  • The person you designate as your billing addressee
  • Accrediting and quality organizations
  • Your other health care providers

Due to federal and state law requirements, Mayo Clinic obtains the Mayo Clinic Authorization and Service Terms signature on an annual basis (with the exception that Medicare and TRICARE require it for every hospital inpatient admission). At times, you may be asked to update a Patient Information and Mayo Clinic Authorization and Service Terms form, even with a current signature on file. Some reasons that you may receive another form by mail:

  • Your insurance claim was returned for inaccurate ID number, group number, insurance term or similar issues
  • Your service is related to an injury and another payer (for example, workers' compensation) may be responsible
Dec. 25, 2014