Other government insurance


After each visit, Mayo Clinic will send you an itemized statement of charges detailing the services and charges for the visit and, separately, a monthly statement of account listing the payments and adjustments made on each visit since your previous monthly statement. Your personal financial responsibility, as noted on your TRICARE/CHAMPUS explanation of benefits (deductibles, cost-share and noncovered charges), is due when you receive your monthly statement of account.

Mayo Clinic has agreed to accept the established TRICARE/CHAMPUS fee schedule for your services. Mayo Clinic will bill full fees to TRICARE/CHAMPUS. As payment is received, your account will be adjusted to the established TRICARE/CHAMPUS fee schedule. You'll be responsible to pay for deductibles, cost-share and noncovered services. TRICARE/CHAMPUS usually doesn't pay for your services in full.


In Arizona, the state Medicaid program is called Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS). Mayo Clinic's campus in Arizona doesn't contract with AHCCCS except for transplant services. Medicaid/AHCCCS is treated as an HMO requiring authorization prior to delivery of service. Mayo Clinic isn't a provider for out-of-state Medicaid plans and is unable to file insurance claims to out-of-state Medicaid plans.