Making your payments

You may pay your bill by check, cash or any credit card listed at the bottom of the monthly statement of account. Payment should be mailed to Mayo Clinic's campus in Arizona, P.O. Box 790125, St. Louis, MO 63179. You may also make payments by phone at 480-301-7033 or 800-603-0558 (toll-free) or you may enroll to view and pay your bill online at Mayo Clinic Online Services.

Mayo Clinic will apply payments to all outstanding visit balances, beginning with the oldest balance. The monthly statement of account will show the payments and adjustments made on each visit since your previous monthly statement. When the current account balance reaches a zero balance, no further statements will be sent until new charges are incurred.

You are responsible for any balance on your account that is not paid to Mayo Clinic by your insurance company or Medicare. This includes deductible, coinsurance, copays, charges not covered by your insurance, as well as payments sent directly to you by either Medicare or your insurance company. If Mayo Clinic has a contract with your insurance company, your insurer will send payment for a portion of your charges directly to Mayo Clinic. If your insurance company does not have a contract with Mayo Clinic, the insurance company may send payment directly to you. You are responsible for the full charge, and you should send the insurance payment amount to pay Mayo Clinic. Because Mayo Clinic is a nonparticipating Medicare provider, Medicare sends payment for physician services directly to you. You should send the Medicare payment amount to Mayo Clinic.

If you have questions, please call Patient Account Services at 480-301-7033, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Mountain time, Monday through Friday. For calls outside the Phoenix metropolitan area, call 800-603-0558 (toll-free).