Breast-feeding and medications

When you're breast-feeding, medications aren't necessarily off-limits — but caution is important. Get answers to common questions about breast-feeding and medications.

Breast-feeding nutrition: Tips for moms

Good nutrition during breast-feeding is essential. Find out what to eat — and what to avoid.

Breast-feeding support

Breast-feeding has numerous benefits, but it's not always easy. If your partner is breast-feeding, understand what you can do to support her.

Considering VBAC

Considering VBAC? A Mayo Clinic specialist answers important questions about vaginal birth after cesarean.

C-section recovery


Are you planning a vaginal delivery? Discuss the risks and benefits of episiotomy with your health care provider ahead of time.

Exercise after pregnancy

After pregnancy, exercise might be the last thing on your mind. Here's why — and how to get started.

High-risk pregnancy

Home birth

Inducing labor

Kegel exercises

Are your pelvic floor muscles in good shape? Tone them with Kegel exercises — which you can do discreetly just about anytime and anywhere.

Labor pain medications

Labor pain options


Stressed out? Muscles ache? A massage might be what you need. But get the facts first.


Postpartum care: After a vaginal delivery

Returning to work after maternity leave

Returning to work after you've had a baby can be daunting. Follow these tips to balance your work and family life.

Sex after pregnancy

Ready for sex after pregnancy? Find out what you need to know about easing discomfort, using birth control and boosting your sex drive.

Signs of labor

As the end of pregnancy nears, you may be eagerly anticipating labor and delivery. How will you know when labor begins? Look for these clues.

Stages of labor

Nature controls most aspects of labor — but when everything goes smoothly, you can expect a fairly predictable sequence of events.

Water breaking

It isn't always easy to tell if your water has broken. Know the signs and what to do to promote a healthy delivery.

Weight loss after pregnancy

Ready to trade your maternity clothes for your favorite jeans? Good for you! Here's help getting started.

Apr. 03, 2014