Triple X syndrome can cause developmental delays or learning disabilities, and it's possible that learning disabilities or delayed development could eventually lead to a variety of other issues, including academic problems, stress and poor socialization skills that cause social isolation.

Other possible, though much rarer, complications that may occur include:

  • Premature ovarian failure or ovary abnormalities. When the ovaries stop working before the expected age of menopause, there's a decline in the production of certain hormones and eggs are no longer released by the ovaries each month. This can cause infertility. Additionally, girls and women with triple X syndrome may have malformed ovaries.
  • Seizures. Girls and women with triple X syndrome may develop a seizure disorder.
  • Kidney abnormalities. Females born with triple X syndrome may also have abnormally developed kidneys or may have only one kidney.
Nov. 08, 2012