Coping and support

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Alterations in orgasm are associated with reductions in emotional and physical satisfaction, which in turn may lead to stress for you and your partner. Retrograde ejaculation can be especially challenging if you and your partner want to conceive a child. While most men can get their female partners pregnant with infertility treatment, it can be costly and require stressful medical procedures for both you and your partner. Talking with a counselor may help.

Understanding all of your options and communicating with your doctor and partner can help.

  • Know what it will cost. Your insurance may or may not cover the costs necessary for sperm retrieval and artificial insemination of your partner.
  • Talk to your doctor. Ask about all your options. You'll need to meet with a urologist who specializes in male infertility.
  • Communicate with your partner. Make sure you and your partner both understand your options and potential risks of fertility procedures. You should both attend every consultation appointment.
Jan. 30, 2014