Hypoparathyroidism may result in numerous complications.

Reversible complications

The following complications are due to low calcium levels, most of which are likely to improve with adequate treatment:

  • Tetany. These cramp-like spasms of your hands and fingers may be prolonged and painful. Tetany may also include muscle discomfort and twitches or spasms of the muscles of your face, throat or arms. When these spasms occur in your throat, they can interfere with breathing, creating a potential emergency.
  • Paresthesias. These are characterized by sensory symptoms of odd, tingling sensations or pins and needles feelings in your lips, tongue, fingers and feet.
  • Loss of consciousness with convulsions (grand mal seizures).
  • Malformation of the teeth, affecting dental enamel and roots.
  • Impaired kidney function.
  • Heart arrhythmias and fainting, even heart failure.

Irreversible complications

Accurate diagnosis and effective treatment may prevent these complications associated with hypoparathyroidism, but once present, they won't improve with calcium and vitamin D treatment:

  • Stunted growth (short stature)
  • Slow mental development (or mental retardation) in children
  • Calcium deposits in the brain, which can cause balance problems and seizures
  • Cataracts
May 09, 2014