Treatments and drugs

By Mayo Clinic Staff

The only way to avoid alcohol intolerance symptoms or an allergic reaction is to avoid alcohol or the particular beverage or ingredients that cause the problem. For a minor reaction, over-the-counter or prescription antihistamines may help reduce symptoms, such as itching or hives. However, antihistamines can't treat a serious allergic reaction.

If you've had a severe allergic reaction to a certain food, wear a medical alert bracelet or necklace that lets others know that you have an allergy in case you have a reaction and you're unable to communicate. Ask your doctor if you need to carry emergency epinephrine (adrenaline) in the form of an autoinjector (EpiPen, Twinject). This prescription device has a concealed needle that injects a single dose of epinephrine when you press it against your thigh.

Apr. 26, 2012

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