Lung transplant eligibility

People with severe lung diseases whose conditions haven't been successfully treated with other methods may be eligible for lung transplantation.

Adults with many lung diseases may be candidates for lung transplant, including:

Besides lung transplant, Mayo Clinic specialists also offer other treatment options for lung conditions and individualize the treatment to each person's needs.

Your transplant team will evaluate you to determine whether a lung transplant may be safe and beneficial for you. To evaluate you, doctors will:

  • Perform a physical examination
  • Conduct blood tests
  • Order a chest CT scan
  • Order an electrocardiogram, cardiac catheterization and other tests
  • Conduct tests to ensure you have adequate heart and lung function
  • Perform tests to ensure you don't have any other serious medical conditions, including infections, cancer, and heart and blood vessel diseases (cardiovascular diseases)
  • Perform tests and ask questions to ensure you don't use illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco
  • Order a psychological evaluation

If your doctors and transplant team determine you're eligible for a lung transplant, your treatment team will explain benefits and risks of a transplant. Your transplant coordinator and other members of your team will provide you and your family with education about what to expect before, during and after your lung transplant.