1. Aug. 09, 2022

    Kidney cancer innovations and collaborations

    Mayo Clinic kidney cancer experts discuss the multispecialty integrated approach they take to kidney cancer care. At Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center, renal cancer experts draw on the best surgical, imaging, technical and pathology practices supported by care providers with specific kidney cancer expertise.

  2. Aug. 09, 2022

    Testicular cancer advancements and innovations

    Mayo Clinic testicular cancer experts explain the methods they are using to work toward their goal of 100% cure for patients with testicular cancer. Advanced diagnosis and screening practices, collaboration in multidisciplinary teams, excellent therapy options and clinical trials help Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center lead in innovation.

  3. Aug. 09, 2022

    Bladder cancer discoveries implemented in multidisciplinary teams

    Bladder cancer experts at Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center work in multidisciplinary teams to stay at the forefront of medical research and discoveries. Innovations in diagnostics, drug development, genomics, immunotherapy, surgery and imaging allow Mayo Clinic physicians the best options in treating bladder cancer.

  4. Aug. 09, 2022

    Prostate cancer innovations move the field forward

    Prostate cancer experts at Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center work in an integrated genitourinary practice, which allows them the size and scope they need to drive this rapidly moving field forward.

  5. Dec. 07, 2021

    Treatment options for pelvic organ prolapse

    A Mayo Clinic urogynecologist discusses the latest treatment options for pelvic organ prolapse.

  6. Oct. 28, 2020

    Current therapies for patients with overactive bladder

    Overactive bladder and its symptoms can be discouraging and debilitating for patients. Making use of the most current therapies and implementing them in a prescribed sequence, starting with the most conservative measures, is the key to managing the problem.

  7. Oct. 14, 2019

    Newly discovered autoimmune disease associated with testicular cancer

    Sean J. Pittock, M.D., an autoimmune neurologist at Mayo Clinic, discusses a newly discovered autoimmune disease that appears to affect men with testicular cancer.

  8. Feb. 28, 2017

    A multidisciplinary approach to genitourinary cancers

    Mayo Clinic specialists describe considerations and advancements in surgical techniques used in the treatment of testicular cancer, bladder cancer and kidney cancer.

  9. Oct. 31, 2014

    Bladder cancer treatment options

    R. Jeffrey Karnes, M.D., consultant and associate professor, Mayo Clinic, discusses treatment options for bladder cancer. The ailment can be subdivided into subcategories, and the treatments dramatically differ. Invasive treatments can include an ileal neobladder created from the patient's small intestine, which can provide the best quality of life.

  10. Oct. 08, 2014

    Mayo Clinic scientists propose a breast cancer drug for bladder cancer patients

    Amplification of HER2, a known driver of some breast cancers, in a type of bladder cancer called micropapillary urothelial carcinoma (MPUC), has shown that the presence of HER2 amplification is associated with particularly aggressive tumors.

  11. Oct. 08, 2014

    Mayo Clinic expert says heart disease from unnecessarily treating "Low T" serious concern

    Low T — health risks of testosterone therapy —- Mayo Clinic. William F. Young Jr., M.D.

  12. Oct. 07, 2014

    Minority disparities evident in prostate cancer survival rate, Mayo Clinic study shows

    A Mayo Clinic study reviewed data on more than 290,000 men with prostate cancer from the past 20 years and found that African-American men are at increased risk of poorer survival rate following prostate cancer treatment compared with other minority groups.

  13. Oct. 01, 2014

    Less-radical procedures offer similar cancer control compared with surgery for kidney cancer patients

    Needle-guided tumor destruction procedures offer near-equivalent lengths of local cancer control compared with surgery for patients with small kidney cancer tumors, according to the results of a large study published in the journal European Urology.

  14. July 08, 2014

    Mayo Clinic researchers help to shine new light on bladder cancer tumors

    Mayo Clinic researchers help to shine new light on bladder cancer tumors.

  15. June 30, 2014

    Erectile dysfunction: Harbinger of heart disease?

    Charanjit S. Rihal, M.D., and Stephen L. Kopecky, M.D., discuss erectile dysfunction and its impact on cardiovascular prognosis and diagnosis.

  16. June 26, 2014

    Ultrafiltration for Heart Failure (HF) with cardiorenal syndrome: CARRESSing the kidneys or rubbing them the wrong way?

    Eddie L. Greene, M.D., Horng H. Chen, M.D., and Margaret M. Redfield, M.D., gathered to discuss the design, results and implications of the cardiorenal rescue study in acute decompensated heart failure (CARRESS).

  17. May 22, 2014

    Choline C-11: Pulling back the curtain on prostate cancer

    Mayo Clinic has integrated production, imaging and pathology facilities to provide the benefit of Choline C 11 PET imaging to prostate cancer patients.

  18. Feb. 21, 2014

    Biopsy-based predictors of prostate cancer mortality: The Mayo Model

    Matthew K. Tollefson, M.D., provides patients and clinicians with a novel way to predict which cases of prostate cancer, the most commonly diagnosed malignancy in American men, will be aggressive and which ones can be safely monitored with watchful waiting.