What to expect


Why an executive health exam pays off

You may be surprised at the benefits of making your health the focus at least once each year.

An executive health team knows your time is valuable.

It's all in one place. No delays. No complex referrals. Just efficient use of your time.

1 on 1 time with top experts. There's no hurry while you discuss results, concerns or even how to improve your golf game.

Call it your longevity plan. Diabetes, heart disease and many cancers are treatable. But only if caught early.

The bottom line? 20% fewer claims and 45% fewer lost workdays in one study of exec health participants.

Make an investment that will change your life for the better.

Guidance from the experts at the Mayo Clinic Executive Health Program.

Mayo Clinic Executive Health Program. Rochester, MN; Jacksonville, FL; Scottsdale, AZ. 507-252-2750.







April 18, 2023