What to expect

四十年前,Everett DeVault 正在通用电器公司开启成功的职业生涯。作为一名年轻的管理者,DeVault 先生选择了 Mayo Clinic “高管健康项目”,从此以后每年都会回到这里来。这么多年来,Mayo Clinic 的“高管健康项目”发现了三个独立的健康问题,并实施了挽救生命的程序。由于这样的治疗,DeVault 先生现年已经 92 岁,还在他的堪萨斯农场享受着健康的退休生活。他将自己的健康归功于 Mayo Clinic,他看重的是与 Mayo Clinic 的关系。

“在这点上,这些人对我来说就像家人一样。” – Everett DeVault

The Executive Health Program combines Mayo Clinic's traditional diagnostic expertise with recent developments in preventive medicine — all designed to get you in and out efficiently and back to what you love.

Your dedicated physician is actively involved throughout your entire evaluation process. Your evaluation starts when you arrive with a comprehensive review of your medical, family and social history, along with a complete physical exam.

Next, you and your physician will discuss your specific customized itinerary as well as any additional tests or consults that may be appropriate for you. Your itinerary will reflect both our assessment of your medical needs and your expressed preferences.

During your visit, you'll be seen at different testing areas throughout Mayo Clinic. A typical visit can last from one to three days.

After completing your itinerary, you'll meet with your doctor again to review your results together, and you'll discuss any next steps. If needed, diagnostic services or treatment can leverage the full depth and medical rigor of Mayo Clinic via access to specialists or further recommended follow-up.

A summary of your results can be mailed to you or made available in your secure online patient portal shortly after your final visit. A letter outlining these results also can be sent to your local doctor.

June 27, 2020