Mayo Clinic researchers in the Transplant Center conduct ongoing studies and clinical trials in improving surgical procedures, improving outcomes and caring for people who need transplants. Researchers also study alternative therapies for people who might be able to use an alternative to a heart transplant.

Areas of research include:

  • Stem cell therapy in cardiac regeneration research
  • Genetics and potential treatments for hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a rare congenital heart defect
  • New or improved surgical procedures
  • New immunosuppressant medications
  • Outcomes after heart transplants
  • Ventricular assist devices
  • Alternative therapies for people who may not need heart transplants
  • Transplanting living organs from one species to another (xenotransplantation)
  • Gene therapy


See a list of publications by Mayo Clinic authors on heart transplant on PubMed, a service of the National Library of Medicine.