How you prepare

You'll receive instructions from the hospital on how to prepare your child for surgery to place ear tubes.

Information to provide may include:

  • All medications your child takes regularly
  • Your child's history or family history of adverse reactions to anesthetics
  • Known allergy or other negative reactions to medications, such as antibiotics

Questions to ask your doctor or the hospital staff:

  • When does my child need to start fasting?
  • What drugs can he or she take before surgery?
  • When should we arrive at the hospital?
  • Where do we need to check in?
  • What is the expected recovery time?
  • How will the anesthetic be administered — with a face mask, injection or intravenous (IV) line — and who will administer it?

Tips for helping your child prepare include:

  • Start talking about the hospital visit a few days before the procedure.
  • Explain that the procedure will help make his or her ears feel better or make it easier to hear.
  • Explain that a special medicine will help him or her sleep during the surgery.
  • Let your child pick out a favorite comfort toy, such as a blanket or stuffed animal, that you can take to the hospital.
  • Explain that you will be there during the procedure.