How you prepare

You don't need special preparation for biofeedback.

To find a biofeedback therapist, ask your doctor or another health care professional with knowledge of biofeedback therapy to recommend someone who has experience treating your condition. Many biofeedback therapists are licensed in another area of health care, such as nursing or physical therapy, and might work under the guidance of a doctor.

State laws regulating biofeedback practitioners vary. Some biofeedback therapists choose to become certified to show their extra training and experience in the practice.

Ask a potential biofeedback therapist questions before starting treatment, such as:

  • Are you licensed, certified or registered?
  • What is your training and experience?
  • Do you have experience providing feedback for my condition?
  • How many biofeedback sessions do you think I'll need?
  • What's the cost, and is it covered by health insurance?
  • Can you provide a list of references?