Our program

The Mayo Clinic Teleneonatology Program is one of only a few programs across the country. It's a partnership between the Division of Neonatal Medicine and the Center for Connected Care at Mayo Clinic.

Mayo Clinic's experienced neonatologists:

  • Assess and treat newborns who require highly specialized care
  • Provide expert guidance to the local care team using video telemedicine

Teleneonatology experts in critical care for newborns include:

Local newborn care team

The local newborn care team includes health care professionals providing in-person care for your newborn in the local hospital. This team may include physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists from multiple specialties, including pediatrics, family medicine, obstetrics or anesthesia.

Patient referral

If your local newborn care team has a working relationship with the Mayo Clinic Teleneonatology Program, your local team will follow established procedures for requesting a teleneonatology consult.

Sept. 03, 2021