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Find Answers with Mayo Clinic Colon Cancer Experts

At Mayo Clinic, a team of experts who specialize in colon cancer will work with you to plan and provide care to meet your specific needs. Your team will made up of doctors from across disciplines who combine their knowledge to provide you with the right colon cancer care the first time. 


Each year, Mayo Clinic doctors diagnose and treat more than 3,500 people with colon cancer. These specialists have extensive experience using the most advanced treatments including minimally invasive surgery, robotic surgery, and optimized adjuvant therapy. Mayo Clinic led the first clinical trial of adjuvant therapy following colon cancer surgery to reduce the risk of recurring disease, and a recent study led by Mayo Clinic found some people with colon cancer may consider a shorter course of adjuvant chemotherapy.


At Mayo Clinic, you will have access to individualized care designed to help reduce hospital stays, lower complication rates, shorten recovery time and give you the best possible quality-of-life outcomes. Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. is top ranked for cancer care, and is ranked #1 in Gastroenterology and GI Surgery by U.S. News & World Report Best Hospital rankings.



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There's a number of exciting things in the future for colorectal cancer care and research occurring at Mayo Clinic. These encompass new chemotherapeutics or immune therapies from a surgical approaches. We're continuing to push the limits with robotic surgery and digital surgery using augmented reality and artificial intelligence. And this really helps enhance the care that we can deliver for patients with colorectal cancer, quality of life issues are a big issue for most patients as one of their number one questions. And we spent a lot of time educating the patient and trying to determine what their goals of quality of life are. So I think as male clinic physicians will always available to answer questions, including making the decision whether or not a patient would benefit from a referral to Mayo Clinic. We usually request records for patients ahead of time, be prescheduled tests and appointments. So if a patient needs a procedure or if they need to meet with the surgeon. Again, if they need to meet with a genetic specialist. So all those tests are prescheduled wherein a patient can come in from out-of-state. They can fly in for a gastroenterology appointment and get all the necessary tests done and then you're done home. I think that having a center that's focused on research, but research that's applied to patient care. And that's what Mayo does best, is a certainly a plus, a positive that ensures that patients have access to the most innovative and the latest and the greatest that can't be found anywhere on the planet. So I think patients to seek care at Mayo Clinic with colorectal cancer because we really offer the expertise and treating this were a high volume Cancer Center. Our outcomes with colorectal cancer set benchmarks across the country. And patients have high-quality, safe and effective care. I think for any patient who's seeking surgical treatment for colorectal cancer, it's important that they look at not just the surgeon as an individual but the team. And because if I were to integrated care, so patient comes through the door for screening. If we find a polyp, what do we find a cancer? That patient is meeting with the gastroenterologist and in no time with a surgeon, the geneticists, with the medical oncologist if needed, and then anyone as part of the team. And that is quite unique. And that is why I think the care overall, the integrated level of care at Mayo Clinic is certainly superior care.

Being at Mayo Clinic has made all the difference. Here you just feel like you're in good hands. You know they care. Every doctor that walked through the door would say to us, 'I'm really sorry. You've been through so much.' And they genuinely meant it.

— Nancy

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