Strength training is an important part of an overall fitness program. From biceps curls to calf raises, here's a collection of how-to videos to help you get started.

Want to look good — and feel even better? Try strength training. Strength training, combined with regular aerobic exercise, can greatly impact your health. You may build strength, improve your muscle tone, improve your quality of life and boost your self-esteem. But you can also injure yourself if you use poor technique with your exercises. This collection of how-to videos can help you get started with strength training using the best technique.

Healthy adults should aim to do strength training exercises that work all the major muscle groups at least twice a week. If you have health problems, talk with your doctor before you start strength training.

One strength training tip: Don't forget to breathe freely when you're lifting the weight. Most people think that they're breathing when they're doing strength training exercises, but they may be holding their breath. It's important to inhale and exhale fully between each repetition. The key is to avoid straining when holding your breath. You may find it helpful to exhale during the more strenuous phase of the exercise and inhale during the less strenuous phase.

You can do body-weight exercises with little or no equipment. Watch these strength training videos to see how they're done.

You can do resistance-tubing exercises at home or on the go. These strength training videos will get you started.

Wondering how to get the best results from free weights? These strength training videos will show you.

Whether you use weight machines at home or at the gym, proper technique is essential. Brush up on the basics with these strength training videos.

Nov. 18, 2023