Infographic: Organ Donation Donate Life

A new organ and new chapter of life.

Registered donors fill a vital and growing need.

More than 110,000 Americans are waiting for an organ transplant.

Standing single file, that would form a line over 52 miles long. And that list is growing longer—every 10 minutes, someone is added to the transplant waiting list, but only every 16 minutes someone receives a transplant.

160 new candidates are added every day

People are stepping up to address this urgent need.

Thanks to increased donor registrations, more people are receiving lifesaving transplants every year. But we're still falling behind. Even though 95% of Americans are in favor of being a donor, only 58% are registered.

  • 2018
  • Transplants performed 36.5K
  • People added to the waiting list 58.6K

How can you help?

Register as an organ donor at It only takes a few minutes, and one donor has the power to impact many lives through organ donation, restored vision by donated corneas, and donated tissue such as skin, bone, and heart.

One donor can save or impact up to 85 lives:

  • 75 people can benefit from donated tissue
  • 8 people can benefit from donated tissue
  • 2 people can have vision restored