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May 06, 2016

In May 2012, Trauma Physician Update e-Edition ran a story about a dramatic rise in injuries and deaths from all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accidents. That was especially true among children, who at the time accounted for one-third of ATV-related emergency department visits nationwide. Most were treated for head injuries, many of which could have been prevented by helmet use.

Niños en vehículos todoterreno sin cascos y manejando peligrosamente

Las volcaduras son el motivo principal de los accidentes de vehículos todoterreno. Llevar pasajeros, lo que puede desequilibrar la máquina y hacer que vuelque, es un gran factor contribuyente.

In 2012, rollovers were the No. 1 reason for ATV accidents; they still are today. A major contributing factor is carrying passengers, which can unbalance the machine and cause it to tip.

Back then, one Mayo Clinic trauma surgeon noted, "I can understand that this can be a great family activity if it's well-supervised and takes place at a reasonable pace on planned trails with everyone wearing helmets. But when it deviates from that, it can become dangerous."