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Mayo Clinic PsychUpdate e-Edition
March 2015
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Family-Based Therapy for Anorexia Nervosa in Adolescents
Patient Care

FBT helps children recover from anorexia nervosa successfully

Mayo's family-based therapy (FBT) program seeks to avoid hospitalization and instead actively engages parents in the process of restoring their child to a healthy weight at home. More than 80 percent of treated patients make a full recovery.

Collaborative model integrates mental health professionals into primary care

Many trials have demonstrated that collaborative care for depression is more effective than usual care in various settings. Mayo specialists also are working to develop collaborative care programs for patients with anxiety disorders and other mental health issues.

ADHD may affect 4 to 5 percent of US adults

ADHD symptoms in adults include attention issues, such as difficulty with planning, follow-through, organization and time management. Treatment plans should identify patients' strengths and weaknesses, assess for residual symptoms, and employ psychosocial interventions such as cognitive behavioral therapy.


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Aeschi 8: Bearing the Struggle: Exploring the Challenges Facing Clinicians Working with Suicidal Patients 2015
June 11-13, 2015, in Vail, Colo.
This videotape-based workshop in suicide assessment and treatment helps attendees understand the experiences of the suicidal patient and the responses of the therapist to that patient's narrative. In each scenario, patient and therapist will co-construct an appropriate treatment plan.

Approaches to Pediatric Depression and Related Disorders 2015
Aug. 21, 2015, in Minneapolis
Course focus includes recent developments in the diagnosis, assessment and multimodal treatment planning for pediatric depression and related conditions such as medical comorbidities, ADHD, eating disorders and anxiety. Sessions include self-assessment activities.

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The Effect of Genetic Variation on Outcomes for Alcohol Dependence Treatment
In this Grand Rounds presentation, Victor M. Karpyak, M.D., Ph.D., discusses variations in prodynorphin (PDYN) gene sequencing and their effect on post-treatment relapse in alcohol-dependent patients.

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