Presentación de diapositivas: Cinco maneras de disfrutar las fiestas a pesar de la psoriasis
Group of smiling, dressy people gathered at party
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The pressure to look your best is dialed up a notch during the holidays. Whether at a work party or a family gathering, you want to look as attractive and healthy as possible. Normal, age- and life-related changes in physical appearance often trigger insecurity when choosing an outfit for holiday events. If you have visible psoriasis plaques, dressing up with confidence can be especially challenging — especially when choosing from traditional women's attire, which often emphasizes exposed skin.

If you prefer clothes that conceals skin plaques, look for ways to fold fun and self-expression into your outfits. Brighten your turtleneck with colorful scarves or artistic, chunky jewelry, or find dressy tights to show off under a skirt. Boost your confidence by highlighting the features you like best. If you wear cosmetics, visit a department store makeup counter to get help finding products that help you look and feel your best. And don't forget that your most winning accessory is your smile. Let your personality shine — that's what other partygoers will notice.

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