Experiencias en Mayo Clinic y nuestros pacientes cuentan su historia

Nuestros pacientes nos dicen que la calidad de sus interacciones, nuestra atención a los detalles y la eficiencia de sus visitas significa experimentar la atención médica como nunca lo habían hecho. Conoce las historias de los pacientes satisfechos de Mayo Clinic.

  1. Upper-Airway-Stimulation_featured.jpg

    Upper airway stimulation therapy restores couple's restful nights

    Many mornings, Jerry Wojtkiewicz woke up more tired than when he went to bed. So did his wife, Sally Wojtkiewicz. Jerry was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea in 2016, but he had never adjusted to his continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, getting tangled in the hose and constantly fighting with the mask. "I don't know what was worse ― Jerry's snoring or the noise of the machine," Sally says. Then in 2019, Jerry, 77,…

  2. Robert-Kass-Jan-2021-OP-ICU-on-vent_Featured.jpg

    Robert Kass finds voice again after long COVID-19 battle, tracheal resection

    Robert Kass is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie. The 69-year-old is an avid rock climber, SCUBA diver and four-decade veteran softball player who once spent weeks sailing across the Pacific Ocean in a two-man vessel. Kass invested in his health through diet and exercise, and says he never had a serious illness in his life. Then, in January 2021, he contracted COVID-19. "I came home from work with a 102-degree fever," says Kass. "Within days, I…

  3. Pat Lacy reflects on double lung transplant to treat pulmonary hypertension

    He was not the first person in his family to be diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, so Pat Lacy knew the warning signs and took them seriously. And he was determined to find an answer. Pat Lacy had just landed in Utah for a business conference when he noticed he was having trouble breathing. "When I [...]

  4. Grateful for 'world-class' care to treat lung cancer during COVID-19 pandemic

    Sheila Piper was diagnosed with early-stage lung cancer in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. She was able to safely receive the medical care she needed at Mayo Clinic thanks to measures in place to protect patients and staff. Sheila Piper considers herself blessed. She has a wonderful family that includes Ron, her husband of [...]

March 04, 2022