Departments and specialties

Mayo Clinic has one of the largest and most experienced practices in the United States, with campuses in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota. Staff skilled in dozens of specialties work together to ensure quality care and successful recovery.


Mayo Clinic researchers are working to improve diagnosis and treatment of Crohn's disease. Radiologists at Mayo Clinic were instrumental in developing novel bowel imaging techniques, including magnetic resonance (MR) and CT enterography. Current research to refine and enhance minimally invasive intestinal surgery could benefit people with Crohn's disease in the future.

Doctors at Mayo Clinic are also actively exploring new biological therapies to help manage Crohn's disease. Some investigators are studying possible links between diet, the immune system and bacteria in the digestive tract (microbiome). Other research focuses on the genetic basis of Crohn's disease. Clinical trials are ongoing for a new bioprosthetic plug that has been proposed for the treatment of complex anal fistula.


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