Core elements

Customized services to fit your needs

The Mayo Clinic Physician Health Center offers health care services to practicing physicians serving in academic medical centers, private practices or large health care systems from across the country. Customized assessments focus on your specific medical conditions and the occupational requirements of your specialty.

Efficient assessment of medical conditions that may jeopardize the ability to care for patients

Physicians with medical needs are seen by a Mayo Clinic doctor who draws on the full expertise of Mayo Clinic. Our exams include:

  • Rapid diagnosis and treatment recommendations
  • Resources to promote health and wellness, address burnout and cultivate resilience over the course of your career
  • Referrals for one-on-one counseling for those with depression, anxiety, behavioral concerns, or substance use disorders
  • Coordinated consultations with a wide range of specialists, tailored to your needs

Job fitness evaluations for physicians seeking to return to work after an illness or injury

We offer personalized evaluation of physicians with a condition that may interfere with their ability to practice medicine safely:

  • Practice-specific health risk assessment and management
  • Comprehensive health status evaluation
  • Fitness-for-duty evaluation and work-life counseling, voluntary or employer directed
  • A plan for restoring health and wellness
  • Simulation of specific procedures or skills utilizing the Mayo Clinic Simulation Center as warranted
A Mayo Clinic preventive medicine doctor of the Physician Health Center Expertise and customized care

Your care is provided by a team of preventive health physicians who offer coordinated consultations tailored to your needs.

Our goal is to return physicians to practice in a way that's safe for them and the patients they serve. If that isn't possible, we'll recommend work restrictions, accommodations or alternative work environments. We also can follow physicians over time and adjust recommendations as their conditions change.

Each visit includes an administrative fee, which allows us to provide premium service by:

  • Collecting medical information before the appointment
  • Streamlining the itinerary
  • Expediting subspecialty evaluations
  • Providing a visit summary
  • Making work recommendations
  • Prescheduling labs and tests

Fitness-for-duty referrals are frequently covered by a participant's employer if used to provide supplemental information to guide work restrictions, impairment clarification or disability determination.