Resources for nurses

The Department of Nursing has academic partnerships across the Midwest, in Florida and with Arizona State University. Many nursing department staff members are clinical faculty with joint academic appointments.

Academic affiliations with accredited pre-licensure and graduate nursing programs are essential in providing the Department of Nursing with highly qualified graduates. Each year, Mayo Clinic hosts thousands of nursing students who clinically learn across an array of patient care settings in the Midwest, Florida and Arizona. These clinical affiliations have allowed Mayo Clinic's Department of Nursing to expand innovative clinical education models such as the Dedicated Education Unit into rural, inpatient and specialty settings.

Authentic regional partnerships, such as that between Arizona State University and Mayo Clinic in Arizona and between University of Minnesota School of Nursing and the Mayo Clinic's Rochester campus are proving to be excellent ways to support innovations in the delivery of clinical education. Additional innovations, such as the Midwest's joint appointment teaching program supports graduate-prepared nurses teaching clinical courses for affiliated schools.