Knee Replacement

Expertise for knee replacement

At Mayo Clinic, orthopedic surgeons confer with colleagues to determine what procedure will work best for your situation.


Mayo Clinic orthopedic surgeons are recognized nationally and internationally for their surgical technical excellence and innovative abilities to solve both simple and difficult orthopedic problems. By collaborating with scientists in Mayo Clinic research facilities for biomechanics and regenerative medicine, our surgeons develop new solutions for patients that improve healing, speed rehabilitation and improve outcomes.

Mayo Clinic orthopedic surgeons work closely with other Mayo Clinic specialists to ensure that your problem is thoroughly evaluated and that all treatment options are considered.


At Mayo Clinic, your team of orthopedic surgery experts uses the latest techniques and technology to improve care for people with musculoskeletal problems. From diagnosis through treatment, Mayo Clinic orthopedic surgeons are at the forefront employing advanced technologies in the best interest of patients.

Mayo Clinic doctors use minimally invasive procedures whenever possible to reduce pain and speed recovery. Before and after surgery, assistance as needed from physician specialists trained in internal medicine, radiology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and other medical and surgical areas helps speed recovery for our surgical patients.

Orthopedic surgeons are engaged in clinical trials and other clinical research in virtually every area of musculoskeletal disease, offering our patients the most current options for diagnosis and treatment.

Knee replacement

  • At Mayo Clinic, a team that specializes in joint replacement surgery and rehabilitation oversees your care. After your surgery, Mayo Clinic will contact you periodically to see how your knee replacement is doing.
  • Mayo Clinic surgeons perform more than 2,100 knee replacement surgeries annually.
  • Mayo Clinic doctors use new combinations of regional or local anesthesia and pain relief techniques that can reduce the need for general anesthesia and intravenous narcotic pain medications, which can speed recovery.
  • Mayo Clinic's joint replacement database contains information on every joint replacement surgery performed at Mayo Clinic. The database helps Mayo Clinic doctors determine which surgical technique and prosthesis type will be the most effective for you. The database has also led doctors to many improvements in surgical techniques and prosthesis designs.
  • Some Mayo Clinic surgeons use a computer-guided robotic arm during knee replacement surgeries. This device helps the surgeon remove as little bone as possible and precisely align the artificial joint to the bone.
  • Mayo Clinic's laboratory for motion analysis is involved with developing, modifying and patenting new prosthesis designs, ensuring that you'll have access to the latest technology in your new joint.
  • Mayo Clinic doctors have published extensively on improving knee replacement care. Research topics include new materials, robot-assisted techniques, improvements in pain management after surgery and others.

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