Program Features

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Mayo Clinic staff is friendly and compassionate and provides care for everyone who needs healing.

There are many reasons to receive care through the Boeing Centers of Excellence program. The program offers you enhanced benefits to help you get the care you need, including:

  • Inpatient copay waived
  • 100% coverage for medical expenses related to the episode of care, subject to the plan deductible
  • Travel benefits including:
    • Airfare: Coach or economy class ticket (patient and one caregiver)
    • Ground transportation: IRS reimbursement rate per mile, taxi services, or fuel and parking expenses
    • Meals: $50 per person per day (patient and one caregiver)
    • Lodging: $150 per person per day (patient and one caregiver)

Members may be responsible for paying taxes on any reimbursed services that exceed standard IRS Code §213(d)/Publication 502; for example, any expenses for lodging can be taxed for charges of more than $50 per night for each person.

The travel benefit is available only for eligible members who use a Boeing Centers of Excellence provider that is 75 miles or more from their home.


Contact Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) at 888-802-8776 (toll-free) to get more information on the Boeing Centers of Excellence benefit and determine eligibility requirements.

In order to receive the enhanced benefit, you must meet the Centers of Excellence clinical criteria and services must be preauthorized by BCBSIL. Once the procedure has been scheduled, you must notify BCBSIL Customer Service at 888-802-8776 (toll-free) prior to receiving care to notify them of the scheduled service date.