Expertise and rankings

  • Experience. Each year, Mayo Clinic doctors treat more than 1,000 people with all types of wrist fractures. Mayo Clinic orthopedic specialists have experience assessing wrist fractures and recommending the best treatment option for you. Mayo Clinic hand surgeons have extensive experience performing both routine and complex wrist surgeries.
  • State-of-the-art imaging. Mayo Clinic doctors use special types of MRI and CT scans that allow excellent understanding of the fracture. Precise imaging can help determine the best treatment — which can help you avoid complications that limit wrist function.
  • Vascularized bone grafts. To help the fracture heal quickly, Mayo Clinic surgeons can keep the blood vessels attached to a bone graft, so it retains its blood flow after it's moved to a different location.
  • Innovative hardware. Mayo Clinic's orthopedic surgeons use the most up-to-date types of hardware to hold wrist bones together when fixing fractures or during wrist fusions.
  • Coordinated care. At Mayo Clinic, rehabilitation is an important part of wrist fracture treatment. The goal is to restore the strength and range of motion in your wrist and fingers and to ease stiffness. Mayo specialists also can help manage osteoporosis to decrease the risk of additional fractures.

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