What you can expect

By Mayo Clinic Staff

During the procedure, your body is positioned between the X-ray camera and the X-ray digital recorder. You may be asked to move into different positions or angles in order to take views from both the front and the sides of your chest.

During the front view, you stand against the plate that contains the X-ray film or digital recorder. You hold your arms up or to the sides and roll your shoulders forward. You take a deep breath and hold it for several seconds while the X-ray image is taken. Holding your breath after inhaling helps your heart and lungs show up more clearly on the image.

During the side views, you turn and place one shoulder on the plate and raise your hands over your head. Again, you take a deep breath and hold it during the filming process.

Having X-rays taken is generally painless. You don't feel any sensation as the X-ray passes through your body. If you have trouble standing, you may be able to have X-rays while seated or lying down.

May. 21, 2011