Mayo Clinic Heritage Days

Established in 1999, Heritage Days celebrates the history, culture and values of Mayo Clinic. Through a wide range of creative projects during the year and culminating in a dedicated week of events every October, Heritage Days strengthens our shared culture and commends all staff and volunteers, whose primary value is "The needs of the patient come first."

Spirit of Service

In 1919, Dr. William J. Mayo pondered the growth and success of Mayo Clinic. In addition to the effective work taking place, he surmised, "There must be another and deeper reason ... perhaps summed up in one phrase, 'The spirit of the clinic.' "

At Mayo Clinic, our spirit of service guides every interaction between patients, visitors, volunteers, students and co-workers. That commitment to service began nearly 150 years ago and remains at the heart of everything we do today in patient care, medical education and research. The spirit of service unites us all, wherever Mayo has an impact.

Mayo Clinic Heritage Days 2012 is honored to recognize the spirit of service.

Mayo and the presidency film

Mayo Clinic Heritage Days 2012 will present an original documentary film featuring the unparalleled relationship between Mayo Clinic and the American Presidency. The film, called "Mayo Clinic and the White House: Caring for America's First Families" will be available for purchase later this fall. You can view a trailer of the film on YouTube.

For more information, see Mayo Clinic Heritage Days Facebook page.