Mayo Clinic's approach to Wilms' tumor care

Mayo Clinic in Minnesota ranks among the Best Hospitals for urology in the U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals rankings.

At Mayo Clinic Children's Center, you can expect the best care for your child from our multispecialty team of pediatric experts on Wilms' tumor.

Your Mayo Clinic care team

Mayo's experienced team of pediatric specialists work together to create a customized treatment plan for your child. Team members include pediatric urologists, pediatric oncologists, pediatric surgeons, pediatric anesthesiologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, kidney pathologists, pediatric nurse practitioners, pediatric nurses, child life specialists, social workers and others as needed. Genetic testing and counseling are done when relevant.

Full range of treatment options

Mayo Clinic experts will work with you to review all of your child's treatment options. The range of treatments offered for children with Wilms' tumor includes surgery (partial or total nephrectomy), chemotherapy and radiation.

Access to the latest technology

When appropriate, Mayo Clinic offers minimally invasive surgery, which includes laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery. Robotic surgery enables the surgeon to visualize the procedure in much greater detail and work in tight spaces where human hands don't fit. Mayo Clinic's new Proton Beam Therapy Program provides highly targeted precision beam therapy, destroying cancer while sparing healthy tissue.

Early-phase clinical trial opportunities

Mayo Clinic doctors are active in kidney cancer research, including Wilms' tumor, which gives patients a chance to enroll in clinical trials to try the latest treatment innovations.

Continuity of care

Mayo Clinic provides lifelong care, so children who have cancer can transition to adult care for follow-up as they age. This is especially important for those who had chemotherapy, to monitor for and treat any long-term effects.