Ventricular tachycardia care at Mayo Clinic

  • Your Mayo Clinic care team. At Mayo Clinic, an integrated team of doctors trained in heart diseases, heart rhythm disorders and heart surgery (cardiologists, electrophysiologists, and cardiac and cardiovascular surgeons) works together to provide your care.

    Mayo Clinic doctors have extensive experience diagnosing and treating ventricular tachycardia and treat more than 2,500 people with ventricular tachycardia each year.

  • Advanced diagnosis and treatment. Mayo Clinic's campuses in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota each offer a Heart Rhythm Clinic staffed by cardiologists trained in evaluating and treating heart rhythm disorders.

    Mayo Clinic is one of the few medical centers that can perform a cardiac MRI on people with existing pacemakers or implanted cardiac defibrillators (ICDs) to help more accurately diagnose and treat V-tach.

    Mayo Clinic also has one of the largest cardiac ablation practices, and our specialists use advanced mapping systems, including multielectrode mapping and 3-D heart mapping to treat ventricular tachycardia and other heart rhythm disorders.

  • Research. Mayo Clinic doctors conduct research in new diagnostic tests and treatments for ventricular tachycardia and other heart rhythm disorders. You may have the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial as part of your care.