Preparing for your appointment

You'll probably first talk about your TMJ symptoms with your family doctor or dentist. If their suggested treatments don't provide enough relief, you may eventually be referred to a doctor who specializes in TMJ disorders.

What you can do

You may want to prepare a list that answers the following questions:

  • When did your symptoms begin?
  • Have you ever had this occur in the past?
  • Has your level of stress increased recently?
  • Do you have frequent headaches, neck aches or toothaches?
  • What medications and supplements do you take regularly?

What to expect from your doctor or dentist

Your doctor may ask some of the following questions:

  • Is your pain constant or do your symptoms come and go?
  • Does any activity seem to trigger the pain?
  • Does your jaw click or pop when you move it? Is that clicking painful?
  • Is it difficult to open your mouth normally?