Lifestyle and home remedies

By Mayo Clinic Staff

You'll need to have caregivers as your condition progresses, to assist with daily life activities, maintain your safety, provide transportation and help with finances. Your doctor will discuss lifestyle changes with you, such as when you may need to stop driving a car.

Regular cardiovascular exercise may help improve your mood and thinking skills.

Some research has shown aromatherapy, music therapy and pet therapy may be helpful for people with dementia.

It may be helpful to make some adjustments in your home to make daily living tasks easier and reduce your chance of injuries, such as removing rugs or raising toilets.

In some cases, caregivers can reduce behavior problems by changing the way they interact with people with dementia. Examples include:

  • Avoiding events or activities that trigger the undesirable behavior
  • Anticipating needs and meeting them promptly
  • Maintaining a calm environment
  • Providing structured routines
  • Simplifying daily tasks
Aug. 05, 2014