Preparing for your appointment

Depending on the severity of the break, your family doctor or the emergency room physician might refer you or your child to a doctor who specializes in injuries of the body's musculoskeletal system (orthopedic surgeon).

What you can do

Make a list that includes:

  • Details about your or your child's symptoms and the incident that caused them
  • Information about past medical problems
  • All the medications and dietary supplements you or your child takes
  • Questions to ask the doctor

For a broken arm, questions to ask your doctor include:

  • What tests are needed?
  • What is the best course of action?
  • Is surgery necessary?
  • What restrictions will need to be followed?
  • Do you recommend seeing a specialist?
  • What pain medications do you recommend?

Don't hesitate to ask other questions.

What to expect from your doctor

Your doctor is likely to ask you questions, including:

  • Did the symptoms come on suddenly?
  • What caused the symptoms?
  • Did an injury trigger the symptoms?
  • How severe are the symptoms?
  • What, if anything, seems to improve the symptoms?
  • What, if anything, appears to worsen the symptoms?