The Colorectal Neoplasia Interest Group

By Mayo Clinic Staff

The Colorectal Neoplasia Interest Group specializes in the prevention, early detection, and diagnostic evaluation of colorectal cancer. For patients who have polyps or cancer, state-of-the-art endoscopic, operative, radiation, or medical treatment is coordinated with the appropriate consulting physicians and surgeons. Patients and their families who are at high risk for cancer are given relevant educational materials, receive surveillance recommendations, can be scheduled for genetic testing with counseling, and may qualify for unique clinical trials.

Common Disorders Seen by the Colorectal Neoplasia Interest Group

Patients and family members with inherited colorectal cancer syndromes

Patients with common cancers of the colon or rectum

Patients with polyps of the colon or rectum

Persons at higher-than-average risk for colorectal cancer

Persons with symptoms or signs suggestive of colorectal cancer (persistent rectal bleeding, persistent change in stool pattern, persistent lower abdominal pain, abnormal stool blood test, iron deficiency or anemia)

Mayo Colorectal Cancer Prevention Registry

Our registry is the foundation of our multidisciplinary approach to colon cancer prevention in the Colorectal Neoplasia Clinic. The registry provides for identification of all persons at high risk for development of colorectal cancer based on personal and family history. Individuals identified are sent educational materials. If requested, appointments in our clinic are made for consultation, additional education, genetic counseling (as appropriate), diagnostic testing (e.g., colonoscopy), preventive measures (e.g., medications and polyp removal). Surgery is also offered for individuals with extremely high risk for colorectal cancer, such as those with very large polyps or cancer.

A computerized database provides for an integrated approach to data collection, risk assessment and person contact. For individuals who express interest in participating in investigational protocols, the Registry aids our continuing evaluation of new medications for colorectal cancer prevention and new screening methods to identify individuals at high risk for colon cancer (e.g., CT colography and genetic testing).

Contact information

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Fax: 507-266-0350
Mayo Colorectal Cancer Prevention Registry
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