Specialty Groups

By Mayo Clinic Staff

The Division of Cardiovascular Diseases offers special disease and condition-related clinics which bring together the expertise of numerous specialists to focus on the often complex needs of patients with a variety of cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Adult Congenital Heart Disease Clinic
  2. Atrial Fibrillation Clinic
  3. Advanced Heart Failure Clinic
  4. Cardiovascular Health Clinic
  5. Cardiometabolic Program
  6. Cardiovascular Health & Rehabilitation Program
  7. Cardiovascular Outreach Program
  8. Cardiovascular Surgery Healing Enhancement Program
  9. Center for Congenital Heart Disease
  10. Chest Pain Clinic
  11. Early Atherosclerosis Clinic
  12. Heart Failure Clinic
  13. Heart Rhythm Clinic
  14. Heart Valve Disease Clinic
  15. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Clinic
  16. Interventional Cardiology Clinic
  17. Implantable Device Clinic
  18. Lipid Clinic
  19. Lymphedema Clinic
  20. Marfan Clinic
  21. Pediatric Heart Care
  22. Pericardial Disease Clinic
  23. Pulmonary Hypertension Clinic
  24. Sclerotherapy Clinic
  25. Sports Cardiology Clinic
  26. Statin Intolerance Clinic
  27. Thrombophilia Clinic
  28. Women's Heart Clinic
  29. Wound/Vascular Ulcer Healing Clinic

Specialty laboratories

Cardiovascular laboratories offer specialized diagnostic and treatment procedures for patients with cardiovascular disease. They also conduct extensive research programs.