1. Post-doctoral Fellowship - Child and Family Medical Psychology Mayo Clinic in Rochester
  2. Internship - APA Accredited Clinical Psychology Internship in Pediatric Psychology Geisinger Medical Center
  3. PhD - APA Accredited Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology. Dissertation: Validation of the UPPS Impulsivity Scale: A Four Factor Model of Impulsivity. Advisor: Donald R. Lynam, Ph.D. University of Kentucky
  4. MA - APA Accredited Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology. Masters Thesis: Using Impulsive Behavior in Laboratory Tasks to Identify Psychopaths, Extraverts, and Introverts. Advisor: Donald R. Lynam, PhD. University of Kentucky
  5. BA - Psychology. Honors Thesis: Categorization Process and Competing Categories. Advisor: Douglas Medin, Ph.D. Northwestern University

Primary Appointment

  1. Psychology

Academic rank

  1. Associate Professor of Psychology


  • Assessment and treatment of child and adolescent anxiety disorders
  • Development of intensive treatments of childhood OCD
  • Neuroimaging of OCD and the effects of behavior therapy
  • Development of electronic tools to enhance cognitive behavior therapy for anxiety disorders


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