Steven W. Ressler, M.D.

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My name is Dr. Steven Ressler. I'm the chair of a division called Consultative Medicine at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. Consultative Medicine is a specialty with an internal medicine, where we see complex and undefined illness. These are patients who've usually had a number of evaluations in the past, seen other providers, and for whatever reason, they're not coming to a clear answer.

After I finished residency, I went and worked in a relatively under-served area up in Northern Arizona. But after some time there, I started to really miss more of the academic atmosphere of medicine. And when I got a call from Mayo Clinic, I answered that, because I really thrive on this sort of collegial experience where we work as a team to try to solve problems.

I have really state of the art diagnostic testing. I have world class specialists, literally a phone call away. I'd like a patient to know when they come to see me that I'm a real person with a real life, with a bunch of kids at home, and a really active life. You're not going to find somebody who's cold and aloof, but you're somebody who's going to be there to hear your story and walk through this with you.

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  1. 1998
    ResidentPhoenix Children's Hospital
  2. 1998
    ResidentGood Samaritan Regional Medical Center, Phoenix
  3. 1994
    MDCollege of Human Medicine, Michigan State University
  4. 1989
    BS - BiologyCollege of Literature, Science, and the Arts, University of Michigan
  5. 1988
    Undergraduate StudiesHistory and Arts Summer Study Abroad Program to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel and Egypt, Eastern Michigan University


  1. 1998
    Internal MedicineAmerican Board of Internal Medicine