1. Minnesota


  1. Radiology


  1. PhD - Medical Physics University of Wisconsin, Madison
  2. MS - Medical Physics University of Wisconsin, Madison
  3. BS - Physics Hope College


  1. American Board of Radiology - Diagnostic Radiological Physics
  2. Diagnostic Radiological Physics

Primary Appointment

  1. Radiology

Academic rank

  1. Professor of Biomedical Engineering
  2. Professor of Medical Physics

Professional Highlights

  • Co-Chair, Science Council, American Association of Physicists in Medicine, 2011-present
  • Member, Biomedical Imaging Technology Study Section, National Institutes of Health (NIH), 2012-2016
  • Member, Technical Electronic Product Radiation Safety Standards Committee of the Medical Devices Advisory Committee, United States Food and Drug Administration, 2012
  • Third Vice President, Radiological Society of North America, 2011


  • X-ray CT: new technology, new applications (including cardiac CT, screening exams), exam optimization, dose measurement and dose reduction, U.S. and International standardization efforts for CT image quality and dose


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