Martin L. Mai, M.D.

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My name's Martin Mai. I'm the medical director for Kidney Pancreas Transplant at Mayo Clinic. I help folks with severe kidney disease, people with advanced complications of diabetes, get the transplant that can help them live a better life.

What I enjoy coming to work is seeing someone that's coming 12 years after their transplant, proud that their kidney is still working, and that they're doing well, and leading the life that they would not have lived if they had been back on dialysis. It's the person with bad diabetes that gets a pancreas transplant and now can eat a birthday cake, and know that their sugar is still going to be normal, and can partake in normal activities of life.

Those are just joys that I see every day.

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  1. Kidney failure
  1. Immunosuppressive drug therapy
  2. Kidney transplant
  3. Pancreas transplant
  • Kidney and pancreas transplants
  • Immunosuppressive drug and drug protocol development
  • Hepatorenal syndrome
  • Renal effects of immunosuppressive drug therapy
  • Managing renal disorders in liver transplant patients

Jacksonville, Florida

  1. 1988
    Fellow - NephrologyBaylor University Medical Center
  2. 1986
    Resident - MedicineBaylor University Medical Center
  3. 1984
    Internship - MedicineBaylor University Medical Center
  4. 1983
    MD - MedicineUniversity of Texas Health Science Center
  5. 1979
    BS - Chemical EngineeringUniversity of Notre Dame


  1. 1988
    NephrologyAmerican Board of Internal Medicine
  2. 1986
    Internal MedicineAmerican Board of Internal Medicine