1. Arizona


  1. Fellow - Oncologic Pathology/ Anatomic Pathology Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  2. Fellow - Gastrointestinal Pathology Roger Williams Hospital, Brown University
  3. Resident - Pathology, Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Included Elective training in Genitourinary Pathology at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore (Dr J I Epstein). Brown University
  4. Fellow - Research: Studied the intracellular pathways of contraction of the smooth muscle of esophagus and gallbladder Rhode Island Hospital, Brown University Medical School
  5. Resident - Chief Resident and Instructor, Department of Gastroenterology Universita Degli Studi, L'Aquila
  6. Fellow - Post-graduate School of Gastroenterology Included research period in neurotransmission in gastrointestinal tract plexi at University of Pavia (Italy, Prof. M. Tonini) Università di Roma
  7. MD Universita Degli Studi, L'Aquila

Academic rank

  1. Associate Professor of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology


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