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Clinical bios by Letter: P Location: FL

Name Department Location
Pai, Sher-Lu M.D. Anesthesiology Florida
Pak, Raymond W. M.D., M.B.A. Urology Florida
Palmer, Scott C. M.D.
  1. Neurology
  2. Pain Medicine
Pantin, Sally Ann L. M.D. Family Medicine Florida
Parker, Alexander S. Ph.D.
  1. Cancer Center
  2. Urology
Parkulo, Mark A. M.D. Community Internal Medicine Florida
Pascual, Jorge M. M.D. Pulmonary Medicine Florida
Patel, Neal M. M.D. Pulmonary Medicine Florida
Patel, Parag C. M.D.
  1. Cardiovascular Diseases
  2. Transplant Center
Patel, Tushar C. M.B., Ch.B.
  1. Cancer Center
  2. Transplant Center
Patton, John (Norman) N. M.D. Cardiovascular Diseases Florida
Paz-Fumagalli, Ricardo M.D. Radiology Florida
Pedraza, Otto Ph.D. Psychiatry and Psychology Florida
Peiris, Prith M.D. Anesthesiology Florida
Perdikis, Galen M.D.
  1. Breast Clinic
  2. Cosmetic Surgery
  3. Plastic Surgery
Perez, Edith A. M.D.
  1. Breast Clinic
  2. Cancer Center
  3. Oncology (Medical)
Perry, Dana K. M.D.
  1. Kidney Transplant Program
  2. Pancreas Transplant Program
  3. Transplant Center
Peterson, Jeffrey J. M.D. Radiology Florida
Peterson, Jennifer L. M.D. Radiation Oncology Florida
Petrou, Steven P. M.D. Urology Florida
Petrucelli, Olga M. M.D. Community Internal Medicine Florida
Pettit, Paul D. M.D. Gynecology, Medical and Surgical Florida
Phelan, Jonathan A. D.O. Radiology Florida
Phillips, Michael B. M.D. Community Internal Medicine Florida
Picco, Michael F. M.D. Gastroenterology and Hepatology Florida
Pichelmann, Mark A. M.D. Neurosurgery Florida
Pollak, Amy W. M.D. Cardiovascular Diseases Florida
Pollak, Peter M. M.D. Cardiovascular Diseases Florida
Pongdee, Thanai M.D. Allergy Florida
Pooley, Robert A. Ph.D. Radiology Florida
Porter, Ivan E. II M.D. Nephrology and Hypertension Florida
Porter, Steven M.D. Anesthesiology Florida
Prendergast, Mary B. M.D.
  1. Kidney Transplant Program
  2. Nephrology and Hypertension
  3. Pancreas Transplant Program
  4. Transplant Center
Presutti, Richard (John) J. D.O. Family Medicine Florida
Pritchard, Ingrid J. M.D. Hospital Internal Medicine Florida
Pruden, Kathryn V. M.D. Emergency Medicine Florida
Pujalte, George M.D.
  1. Family Medicine
  2. Sports Medicine
Pungpapong, Surakit M.D.
  1. Gastroenterology and Hepatology
  2. Transplant Center