What we appreciate most about Mayo is the concern for the patient.

It's just the whole combination makes you know you're going to leave a lot better than you came. Giving back comes from our formative years.

I don't know if we ever grew up thinking there was any other way of living.

No, no.

I graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering, and was always interested in internal combustion engines. We got ourselves involved with small portable generators, introducing lightweight, high-speed generators. We expanded out of this garage and into a dairy farm. We exceeded the capacity of the dairy farm, which resulted in building a new plant. And everything was going along fine until two years later. A fire started at the plant.

After our fire, people just came in and wanted to help. People that work there, people that didn't work there, customers. And I think most of that came from the way Bob treats people.

We're living in a very rapidly changing world, as is Mayo. It is our hope that the center can establish some new parameters, new standards that will lead to a more effective and efficient health care that we'll actually bring the dream of health care for all to a reality in the future.

Sept. 29, 2022