Salena W. Tong

Participant, Administrative Fellowship Program

Salena W. Tong: So I started at Mayo Clinic in the administrative training program. This was a great opportunity to explore the organization in different three-month rotations. The first rotation I did in IT, and I just never looked back.

I really enjoy working at Mayo Clinic. When you start out early in your career, and you start building it, you have people that mentor you. And then as you maybe grow out of a job, they'll actually find a new opportunity, potentially, and to help you just keep that interest level.

I still am able to find the opportunities within Mayo to stay within the Mayo family, stay within the same employer. I think that's by far one of the best benefits of working at Mayo Clinic.

Angie M. Bergsten

Participant, Business Consulting Fellowship

Angie M. Bergsten: I chose a training program at Mayo Clinic because of the resources that would be available to me as a trainee. I had access to a lot of different classes in a wide variety of different areas, and also I just think the team spirit at Mayo Clinic really benefited me as a trainee here.

Having a job that is mentally stimulating and also provides you a great work-life balance … working for an employer that gives you great benefits, even as a trainee, really makes all the difference. When you're happy at work, you're just a happier person all the way around.