Angie M. Bergsten

Health Systems Engineering Analyst

Angie M. Bergsten: I started out as a medical student really interested in health care. I just wanted to be the provider of the care and touch the patients' lives in that way. I started to see this new aspect to health care, this more behind-the-scenes, the processes, the business. Being here at Mayo Clinic is really living out my dream and being able to touch the patients through the processes and the systems that they are encountering.


Having a job that is mentally stimulating and also provides you a great work-life balance really makes all the difference. When you're happy at work, you're just a happier person all the way around.

Salena W. Tong

Information Technology Analyst

Salena W. Tong: You know, I think one of the benefits of IT at Mayo Clinic is not only is there a lot of change but there's also a lot of reward. Mayo has definitely taken care of my career needs. I still am able to find the opportunities within Mayo to stay within the Mayo family. I think that's by far one of the best benefits of working at Mayo Clinic.

It is very rewarding to understand that your IT work is certainly having a direct impact on patient care. And I think that is by far one of the most rewarding aspects of my job, which is very different from doing IT in a different industry.

Charles S. Barmore IV

Medical Technologist

Charles S. Barmore IV: I love science. I love looking at things and trying to figure out how things work and the biological aspects of the body, and how they all function. So, yeah, I guess I am kind of a science geek.

Coming in, I was actually really nervous and really apprehensive about how I was going to do in such a prestigious place, but the people here just make it so much better and make it so much easier to just get in there and start working.

I think Mayo has a great environment for a workplace, and they promote individual thinking. The managers and the supervisors that you have are really, really great about telling you to go ahead and try to push for that, and try to think of new ways of doing things and new ways of improving things.

It does give you a sense of empowerment while you're working to know that you are respected as an employee, you are respected as an individual. It makes it a good place. It makes it fun.

Kyle M. Satterblom, P.A.-C.

Physician Assistant

Kyle M. Satterblom, P.A.-C.: "Where do you work?" "Oh, I work at the Mayo Clinic." That usually gets an eyebrow raised, or somebody turns a head or takes notice because they recognize the name. And the next question is "Well, how's that?" and "What's it like working at Mayo?" There's a certain amount of pride with just working at an institution that's so well renowned as Mayo.

There's a huge variety in my job, especially working with trauma patients, with acute care surgery patients, you really don't know what's going to walk through the door next. There's a certain amount of urgency, there's a certain amount of excitement or adrenaline that kind of comes along with that. I mean, a car accident patient comes in downstairs. We are assessing them within seconds of when they pulled in the door, and there's a whole group of people. And the adrenaline kind of gets going and the goal is to make sure that we care for the patient and manage their life-threatening injuries immediately.

I'm happy with my job. I feel like the role that I'm in, personally, I feel like I was made for it. It's just a good fit.