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To learn more about the history of Mayo Clinic, please consult the following books.

Braasch, William Frederick. Early Days in the Mayo Clinic. Springfield, Ill.: Thomas, 1969. Dr. Braasch, a pioneer in the field of urology, describes many areas of Mayo Clinic in-depth, and profiles important people who made substantial contributions to the clinic. Dr. Braasch, who developed many instruments which made direct vision of the bladder and prostate possible, became a member of the Mayo Foundation Board of Governors.

Clapesattle, Helen. The Doctors Mayo. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1941. In many respects, this is considered the milestone and most comprehensive history of the founding of Mayo Clinic. "The Doctors Mayo" was authorized by the Mayo brothers and Clapesattle was chosen as the author because of her degree in history and background as a teaching assistant. The book includes 83 pages of bibliographic notes that were eliminated from subsequent editions for the sake of brevity. Clapesattle's research material is housed in the Mayo Clinic historical archives. The book has been widely published and translated into over 15 languages, including Thai and Burmese.

A Century of Caring, 1889-1989. Hakala Associates, Inc. This authoritative history tells the story of the first 100 years of service of Saint Marys Hospital in Rochester, Minn.

Crofford, Emily. Frontier surgeons: a story about the Mayo brothers. Minneapolis: Carolrhoda Books, 1989. This children's book uses large print and illustrative sketches to appeal to a younger audience. It tells the story of the Mayo brothers in a narrative fashion.

Goodsell, Jane. The Mayo brothers. New York: Crowell, 1972. This book is fairly short and contains colored illustrations. It begins by describing the Mayo brothers when they were young and moves quickly through their lives.

Griffin, Mary Elizabeth. Her Doctor Will Mayo: A child's view of Dr. Will Mayo of the Mayo Clinic. Scottsdale, Pa.: Herald Press, 1967. This book is a personal narrative of a little girl who lived close to W. J. Mayo. This book is not so much a chronicle of Mayo Clinic history as it is a description of the personal side of one of the Mayo brothers. Griffin became a doctor at Mayo Clinic. Specializing in child psychiatry, Griffin practiced at Mayo Clinic until she relocated to Illinois in 1958.

Habermann, Thomas, M.D., Ziemer, Renee E. and Beck, Carolyn Stickney, Ph.D. The Mayo Brothers' Heritage: Quotes & Pictures. Rochester, Minn.: Mayo Clinic Scientific Press, 2001. This publication features statements from both Mayo brothers and photographs that trace their extensive careers.

Hammontree, Marie. Will and Charlie Mayo: boy doctors. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1960. This children's story concentrates mostly on the younger years of the Mayo brothers.

Hartzell, Judith. Mrs. Charlie: The Other Mayo. Gobles: Arvi Books, 2000. Warm and engaging biography of Edith Graham Mayo, the first professionally educated nurse in Rochester and wife of Mayo Clinic co-founder Dr. Charles H. Mayo.

Hartzell, Judith. I Started All This: The Life of Dr. William Worrall Mayo. Greenville, S.C.: Arvi Books, 2004. This presents the life of Dr. William Worrall Mayo, whose sons founded Mayo Clinic.

Harwick, Harry J. Forty-Four Years with the Mayo Clinic, 1908-1952. Rochester, Minn.: privately printed, 1957. This memoir is by Harry Harwick, the early business leader of Mayo Clinic, who helped establish the profession of medical administration.

Holmes, William. Dedicated to Excellence: The Rochester Methodist Hospital Story. Rochester, Minn.: Rochester Methodist Hospital (RMH) Foundation, 1984. Published to honor the 30th anniversary of Rochester Methodist Hospital and the 200th anniversary of Methodism in the United States.

Kraman, Carlan. Odyssey in Faith: The Story of Mother Alfred Moes, Foundress of Two Franciscan Congresgations and Saint Marys Hospital. Rochester, Minn.: Sisters of St. Francis, 1990. This biography traces the remarkable story of Mother Alfred Moes, founder of the Franciscan order of Sisters who established Saint Marys Hospital and worked in close partnership with the Mayo family.

Mayo, Charles W. Mayo: The Story of My Family and My Career. New York: Doubleday, 1968. Although ghostwritten and containing some factual errors, this book captures the unique perspective of Dr. Charles W. (Chuck) Mayo, son of Mayo Clinic co-founder Dr. Charles H. Mayo.

Mayo Clinic. Sketch of the history of the Mayo Clinic and the Mayo Foundation. Philadelphia, Pa.: W.B. Saunders, 1926. This book was written by the Mayo Division of Publications and contains a short forward written by the Mayo brothers. The book starts out with brief biographical and historical sketches of W. W. Mayo. It then covers the early education of the Mayo brothers and the development of Saint Marys Hospital.

Nagel, Gunther W. The Mayo Legacy. Springfield, Ill., 1966. The Mayo Legacy tells the history of the Mayo Clinic as well as Dr. Nagel's experience at Mayo. The book contains short biographical sketches of the Mayo brothers and their father and describes the beginnings of Saint Marys Hospital and Mayo Clinic. Nagel adds anecdotes about the clinic and doctors from firsthand experience.

Nelson, Clark. Mayo roots: profiling the origins of Mayo Clinic. Rochester, Minn.: Mayo Foundation, 1990. As archivist of Mayo Clinic for almost 30 years, Nelson wrote more than 225 articles dealing with the history of Mayo Clinic. This book compiles many of the articles from the popular series of historical vignettes that Nelson wrote for Mayo Clinic periodicals on various subjects in Mayo Clinic history.

Regli, Adolph. The Mayos: pioneers in medicine. New York: J. Messner, 1951. This book begins with the Mayo family when they lived in Le Sueur, Minn. and follows the Mayo brothers as they achieve national recognition.

Whelan, Sister Ellen. The Sisters' Story: Saint Marys Hospital - Mayo Clinic 1889 to 1939. Rochester, Minn.: Mayo Foundation, 2002. This book describes the relationship the Sisters of Saint Francis of Rochester had with the Mayo family and the early years of Saint Marys Hospital.

Wilder, Lucy. The Mayo Clinic. Minneapolis: McGill Lithograph Co., 1936. This book, written by the wife of a prominent Mayo Clinic physician, is presented in three distinct sections. Wilder begins by describing the events that led up to the founding of Mayo Clinic. She then describes the clinic's future, but returns to the present to follow a fictitious patient through medical appointments.

Willius, Frederick A. (editor) Aphorisms of Dr. Charles Horace Mayo (1865-1939) and Dr. William James Mayo (1861-1939). Rochester, Minn.: Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 2003. Compiled from the extensive writings of the Mayo brothers, these quotations provide insight into the values of the Mayo Clinic founders.

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